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Notifycation missing on RED Flag status

Hi All,

We have Sophos Endpoint Protection installed on all our clients and all is managed from the Sophos Cloud. Yesterday one of the clients was automatically updated by Sophos. The update failed and one of the services did no longer run. This caused the client to be RED flagged in the Sophos Cloud. This RED flag led to an automatic isolation of the device. PERFECT! This is exactly the behaviour I want in my organisation.

There was only one thing missing, there was no notifycation of the event send out to the administrators. This made that it took longer then needed to resolve this matter. Now why did we not get this notification? I checked in the Sophos Cloud but all notifycations are enabled and all error/critical errors should bne notified directly, warnings and information notifycations are send once every day.

Please help me understand and resolve this.

Kind regards,

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