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Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


One month since 20.04 LTS GA. AFIK there is no update for its support in Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux.

20.04 LTS is not listed in

Anyone knows when it can be expected?



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  • Hello Douglas,

    last time I checked Talpa supported only kernels up to 5.3. As 20.04 ships with kernel 5.4 and there are no binary packs for it yet, SAV will attempt to compile Talpa using the code for 5.2/5.3, and this may work (or not), right?


  • Hello F. and Douglas,

    upgraded to 20.04 LTS this week, no issues with SAV, On-Access running, Talpa 1.25.3 happily compiled for kernel 5.4.0.