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Scheduled update policy & Controlled update



J'aurais besoin d'éclaircissements sur la différence en Scheduled update policy ainsi que les Controlled update que ce soit pour Endpoint Protection ou Server Protection.


Que ce passe t il si les Scheduled update sont désactivées ? Est-ce que les postes seront tous de même mis à jour mais pas à un moment précis ?


La documentation dit : The Updating policy lets you specify when product updates become available on your network. This ensures that your computers don’t start updating until a time that suits you.

Donc si il n'y a pas de planification activée, les postes recevront t ils toujours les mises à jours de produit ?


Et dans ce cas quelle est la différence avec les Controlled update ?

 Merci d'avance pour votre aide,



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  • Hi  

    Update management policy and controlled updates are different features. 

    Update management point towards the time when you want to apply the product updates to the machines and that applies to all the machines if controlled updates are off.

    Controlled updates are meant to deploy the product updates in the phases like the computer mentioned under the test computers will be first updated and once they are tested and then you can apply the updates to rest of the machines as an when you want. Please refer to this document for controlled update.

    Now if you have update management policy enabled, the updates will be applied to all the machines on the time mentioned in the update management policy. Without update management policy, product updates will be assigned immediately.

    I hope this helps you to understand the difference. Please let us know if you have any query.


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