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Massive amounts of disk space used by endpoint (I think) SDR cache / logs

Digging in to why I was out of disk space I discovered that files in /Library/Caches/com.sophos.sdr are eating up 200G of my 512G disk.  This got my disk to 100% full (though I've been micro managing my disk space for months now without realizing where it was going - the folder is root only so it was only showing up as 'hidden space').

The contents of the directory is almost 2000 folders named rca_<18 numbers>, each almost 500mb space containing two files:

total 949960
-rw-r--r--@ 1 _sophos  admin  486365198 Mar  3 20:58 12e349b1-88b1-24b3-f9c6-6bc60ddc831c_132277714735302080_snapshot.txt
-rwx------  1 _sophos  admin      10240 Mar  3 21:02 12e349b1-88b1-24b3-f9c6-6bc60ddc831c_20200304T045754Z.tgz

The files seem recent, the earliest ones are 6 days old (march 3) and the most recent ones are at the current time of the current day (march 9) - so I don't know if this is a process that's not purging old files.

Anyway, can anyone help me figure out how to clean up the 40% of disk space this is taken up?  Is it a setting somewhere I can modify for this, if it's something to do with my computer, or what.

As an aside, my computer never seems to complete a scan, even when triggered manually.  The last completed scan was Jan 16 (almost 2 months ago).  I don't know if the scan simply fails and never completes, or what.  Not sure if this is related.

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