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Local DNS server being blocked by a handful of computers


We've got a situation where a few of our computers (six out of 30) are unable to access our network. This has happened since we enabled the auto isolate feature.

From testing it would seem that traffic to our DC is being blocked from the client. We are unable to ping it or use it to perform an NSLOOKUP. Interestingly though we are able to perform NSLOOKUPs using google's DNS server (

In the Sophos Cloud Console the computers aren't showing as being isolated and no events have been logged. However if we try to perform an update or scan on the client via the cloud console nothing seems to happen, presumably because the client computer is unable to communicate fully on the network?

Anyone got any ideas as to what this could be or how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance,

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  • You should be able to use a 1 time password from Sophos Central, try using that on the Server.  Then disable different Sophos features while test to see if the issue goes away.  I am curious as well, can you login to the server in question and ping/nslookup out to confirm if it is completely isolated or not?





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