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Issue with Forcepoint PAC file and Sophos

Good morning

We use Forcepoint (formerly Websense) web filtering, using a PAC file to configure proxy settings.  

The PAC file is configured, so that if we can't talk to our appliance located in the Data Center, it will failover to a web based filtering solution provided by Forcepoint .

IF in the Sophos endpoint client Real Time Scanning -> Internet is enabled,we cannot browse the internet. 
If in Sophos Cloud any options in "Real Time scanning - Internet" are checked, we cannot browse the internet.

IF in the Sophos endpoint client Real Time Scanning -> Internet is disabled OR 
in Sophos Cloud Central we set a policy where Real-time Scanning - Internet we disable Scan downloads in progress, Block access to malicious websites and Detect low-reputation files, we can browse the internet OK.

We are receiving an ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE when we cannot browse the internet.
This is only affecting Google Chrome.  Internet Explorer and Edge can browse the internet whatever the settings above.


There is nothing in the events section of Sophos client when these issues occur.

In the Sophos Cloud events section for my PC, Applications svchost,chrome, swi_fc have been clocked by an endpoint firewall - however, these messages have only recently appeared - we've had the issues long before the events appeared.

I've attempted to add an exclusion for website


Can anyone help?


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