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Microsoft Office 2016 templates blocked



This is my first time posting.  I hope I have selected the best topic area.

We have found that Microsoft Office 2016 templates are being blocked.  Users are seeing the following message when they open up the various Office applications.  This is not limited to one Office application.


"sorry, we had trouble getting the featured templates and can't show them right now"


I have verified this on multiple Windows 10 Pro machines.  It is being blocked by some setting within Sophos.  My boss, who is also running Win 10 and Office 2016, has no issue.  The difference is my boss is an admin and has nothing blocked via Sophos.  For regular users, there is a Sophos setting that is blocking their access to the Office templates.  We are running Sophos Intercept X   I have done a bunch of Googling for a solution, but have not found an answer as to what kind of exception needs to be made.  (Assuming that is what I need in this instance.)


Any pointers are greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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