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Enforcing Encription policy

Hallo I would like to force a client to use PIN as startup authentification.

So I created computer base policy "require startup authentification" and aplied it on a computer. At this moment everytime the computer starts to Windows there is a popup telling me that "From now you will need to enter a Bitlocker PIN every time you start the computer" ... OK it is what I came for I guess.

But stop it right there. The whole thing doesnt work quite as I would expect. The pop up windows teling me that I will need to enter PIN closes automaticaly even in case I put nothing. The popup windows can be closed by x in the corner. So the user is not force to use PIN. In computers console I can not see thet the computer doesnt meet requirements and I ned to set up something. In central console I see the computer OK as well.

Is there a way to force user to use PIN. And is there a way to see that the requirements set by policy in central are not met?

Thank you much. Pavel


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