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On June 24 we will release support for ARM64 devices running Windows 10

  • The latest Windows  installer (v1.11) will detect ARM64 devices and install Intercept X Advanced. Installations attempted with earlier versions of the installer will fail with a 'processor architecture is not supported' message 
  • This release is purely our next-gen architecture and so has no SAV; there is not feature parity with Intel installations
    • Features that will be available:
      • File scanning all via the Core agent for both On-Access and On-Demand scans
      • Web Protection 
      • CryptoGuard 
      • Live Discover
      • Live Response
  • Features that will not be available until the next release which is targeting September:
    • Device Encryption (Note: A bug means that the Endpoint UI and ESH will indicate Device Encryption is available but missing - WINEP-33802)
    • Web Control
    • Device Control
    • Endpoint Firewall
    • File Download Reputation
    • DLP

  • Features that do not have a release date planned
    • Exploit Prevention features

Note: Core components run as native ARM64 processes
Some components (UI, HMPA, MTR, LiveTerminal) remain as x86 and run under emulation

The following product versions support ARM64:

    • Core Agent 2.19.3
    • Sophos Intercept X 2.0.21
    • Managed Threat Response

The ARM64 product is delivered using a new updating mechanism and does not support updates via an Update Cache at this time.

An update to SophosZap, version 1.2.3, is being released to support the removal of ARM installations on July 1