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Why is Sophos nearly impossible to quit?!

Recently I've been using the streaming quotes window on a brokerage website. It needs to load a Java app each time it runs.
With Sophos running, the Java can not load. Yesterday it took a lot of work to get Sophos to quit so the java would load. Today I was unable to use streaming quotes at all. Even when I remove Sophos from my login items, Intercheck still runs. There seems to be no way to stop Intercheck from running!  :smileymad:
Since the Java app wouldn't run, I kept clicking the link to start it, and I discovered that In Activity Monitor, each Java app that was being prevented from loading, uses close to 100% CPU and the fans race to keep things cool. Thus, 8 clicks = nearly 800% CPU!

Of course you can't quit Intercheck-it just starts again, and the Java can't load. I tried quitting Sophos Anti-Virus in Activity Monitor, but it won't stay quit! I quit the Sophos GUI, but that didn't help.
There should be an option in the Sophos menu bar icon to disable Sophos, since it's sometimes necessary. Once the Java loads, Sophos can be enabled again. Quiting Sophos should quit ALL of Sophos-INCLUDING Intercheck!
What's needed is for Sophos to allow exemptions, but I don't see any place to add them. Scottrade gave me 2 addresses to enter into an exemption window, but I can't use them.
Perhaps I could enter Java into the Excluded items window, but I don't want to exclude all Java.

Just now I discovered other issues: Java Preferences will not launch successfully unless Intercheck is quit. And in Java Preferences, in the Network tab, if you press the Delete Files button the app hangs until Intercheck is quit, even when the files have already been deleted - happens every time.

Sophos 7.3.12C

OS X 10.7.3


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  • @Agile, you answered Rebel1's justified complaint about the difficulty of simply quitting the Intercheck process by asking "why do you want to disable Intercheck"

    The answer is: None of your business!

    Users have every right to stop and start processes on their machines at will

    The fact that you replied this way perfectly illustrates why Sophos have failed here and why I'm uninstalling this tool - when your Anti-malware software behaves invasively like this - it becomes Malware!

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