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Sophos 9.01 Memory Usage out of Control

Memory Usage seems to be way up with version 9.  I mean really this is insane

SophosScanD 268MB

SophosANtiVirus 157MB

InterCheck 220MB

Sophos UI 12MB

Sophos SXLD 7MB

SophosConfigD 4MB

Sophos Autoupdate 11MB

I add these up and  get 679MB. I just removed it and loaded 8.x latest and get less than 200MB.  That is more than 3 times the amount of memory.  I tried this on a Mac Mini 2012 and a MacBook Pro late 2011 all with 10.8.4


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  • Unfortunately you can't.

    I usually have to kill SophosScanD and SophosEventMonitor or restart the mac, but after a few compilations memory usage rises again.

    The amount of written data is also worrying: in less than 8 hour it wrote 90+ GB... It's literally eating up my SSD.

    The only solution I found is to try to convince my company to give me rights to uninstall it, but I don't think it's gonna happen...

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