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Sophos Bootable AV on USB flash

Hello: Could make a bootable USB flash drive for SBAV? Thanks,

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  • still no answer and still wating....:smileyindifferent:

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your answer.

    What is the name of that reader?

  • dear sir,

    you can use usb flash disk to make bootable. Steps :

    1.Download newest sbav. this link_securedotsophosdotcom/.../sbav_10_sfxdotexe

    2.Save the downloaded  sbav_10_sfx file to your Windows desktop and then double-click it to install the SBAV CD creator application, the Licence Agreement and the Release Notes. Note that during the installation you will be prompted for the location to which you want to install i

    3.Accept the Licence Agreement, and then specify the installation location make a note of it. (The default is C:\SBAV)

    4.Open a command prompt. To do this, click Start | Run and then type cmd and press the Enter key.

    5.Type cd c:\sbav10 (or replace C:\SBAV with the location you noted in step 2. SBAV assumes that you are working from the C: drive, so if the location is in another drive, you will have to change directories first). Press Enter.

    6.Type sbavc.exe sbav.iso you have sav.iso. pls dowload software  unebootin. this link__unetbootindotsourceforgedotnet

    and install unebootin so browse sbav.iso press OK.

    Restart your computer so press delete at your keyboard. so setting the first boot by USB , the second boot by Hardisk. Save setting. Restart computer.

    8.Scan --- Enjoy!!


    Best regards,