talpa-deny errors preventing backups on ubuntu 20.04

I run sophos free SAV: 9.16.2, Engine: 3.79.0, Data: 5.77 , with talpa . Sophos Anti-Virus is active and on-access scanning is running

I use 7z to backup my files on ubuntu 20.04. Some of these files are from wine, and get talpa-deny errors in the system log, causing the backup to report timeouts, lock up and then have to be stopped.  However, I don't get virus alerts for these talpa-deny events.

An example from the syslog (my directory being replaced by .....) is:

kernel: [ 5994.994356] talpa-deny: Timeout occurred while opening ......../.wine/drive_c/windows/syswow64/mmdevldr.vxd on behalf of process 7z[7429/7429] owned by 1000(1000)/1000(1000) <62>

How can I
a) detect this better than just getting a syslog error
b) prevent it from happening

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  • Thanks, but I'm afraid this is as clear as mud to me.  The 'free' version is, as far as I can tell, the same as the standalone version, just without support, and always has been.  The SAV software is, according to the article you referred me to, reaching EOL in 2023.  Before then I assume I will still get updates in the normal way.  Is that not right?

    There are other threads on this topic, such as https://community.sophos.com/products/free-antivirus-tools-for-desktops/f/sophos-free-tools/121788/sav-for-linux-free-edition-is-discontinued

    I would ask SOPHOS to come out and be really clear what they intend to sell and support for standalone use on Linux.

    There is a free Windows/MAC version, and a free Android version.  I don't see any reference to EOL for them.  What's with linux?

    If SOPHOS really don't want to work with non-business standalone users maybe they should just say so clearly so we can all go off and find some other free or paid version.

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