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getting rid of Sophos

I tried finding an aswer on this forum, but perhaps I'm not advanced enough to read between the lines.

I am on Mac, running OS X Yosemite, and the Sophos version I had/have is 9.5.2 - I got it years ago through uni, and I don't have the install pack.

I realised recently that Sophos is making my CPU and fan go berserk upon start up - 100%, 200%, you name it. I tried to upgrade, but that wasn't an option without registering, so i thought I'll simply uninstall and forget.

If only. Since there was no uninstall package, I thought I'd do the conventional 'drag to trash - clear trash - restart - breathe easy' method, only to learn that it has no effect whatsoever when it somes to the piece of work that is Sophos.

Why is it still running scans after I've deleted it? why is it showing some 7 processes in the Activity monitor after I've deleted it? why is it still sat there in the menu bar after I've deleted it? who can tell.

in this useless thread - - I am instructed to download something called "Removal Tool for Sophos Anti-Virus" - only to be met with some corporate T&Cs and then a form about "Software Export Compliance" - are you serious?

how do I get rid of this nonsense once and for all is what I want to know, and no, I'm not confident to fiddle with terminal commands, cheers.

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