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Sophos Home process 'SophosSXLD' chewing up my CPU (MacBook Air)

Have been running Sophos Home on a MacBook Air for years, no issue at all. Mac has been running on High Sierra OS 10.13.6 for a good while now and there have been no changes to the OS or system. But for the past six weeks or so, I've noticed my CPU straining despite very little activity, multiple times a day. The laptop gets extremely hot and the fans go bonkers. When this happens Activity Monitor shows that the process 'SophosSXLD' is using 90+% of CPU capacity, though Sophos itself doesn't appear to be doing anything other than sitting there in the background. The only way to resolve these episodes is to force quit that process. Of course, it 'respawns' and in a little while is taking over the CPU again.

I'd really like to stop this from happening, but not sure what to try from here.

>Sophos is fully updated.

>I have already uninstalled and reinstalled Sophos, with no change


Any suggestions?



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