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My internet keeps on slowing down, almost to a stop at times. Little Snitch tells me that sophoswebintelligence.bundle is responsible. What can I do to stop Sophos taking over my bandwidth?

MacBook OS 10.10.5

Sophos 9.4 Threat detection engine 3.61.0 Threat data 5.20

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  • Hey David,

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. Personally, I'm not super familiar with Little Snitch (I ran the free demo for a couple days but didn't have any issues) but I know a couple other people have recently mentioned having issues with it.

    That said, you might want to take a look at this thread - unfortunately we didn't get details from the customer on what rules he changed, but apparently resetting the rules fixed the issues he was having, which sound pretty similar to what you're experiencing.

    Can you give that a try and let me know how it goes?

  • Maybe I didn't described the problem well enough!
    When I am watching video my download will slow and sometimes stop. I see massive activity on my router but nothing I want to see on Safari. When I check with Little Snitch I see a continuous download by sophoswebintelligence.bundle.
    I don't think that Little Snitch is the problem, it is just telling me what is using the bandwidth. It is almost like a denial of service by the amount of data that sophoswebintelligence.bundle is receiving.
  • Hey David,

    Maybe this thread would be more helpful than the last that I suggested. It goes into a fairly good discussion of how LS and SAV work together.

    The TLDR of it all is: try turning off web protection if you're finding it's SAV is too intensive on your internet connection. 

    Hope that helps!

  • Hey,

    I have similar problems with Sophos home.. once a week it decided to upload lots of data over my poor 10/5 connection, and thats really annyoing,

    Im aware it needs to update its signatures or whatever but using 2-4Mbit up for 30min is just a really big joke.. how? Why? How to stop? Please, I hope there is some fix for this, or I actually have to use other software, thats not bearable to me :(



  • Hi  

    It will try to update the signatures when it has data connection. However, if you are seeing these issues repeatedly, You can reach our Sophos Home Support team and they shall help you with this. 


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