New Partner How best to manage customers?

I've been managing customers that have Sophos XG firewalls for several years but just now jumping onto the Partner portal and looking at central management since the number of firewalls is growing. For years I have done local management of each device and managed licenses and related at MySophos but I want to start using Sophos Central to centrally manage all of my customer devices from one portal. Do I need to setup a Central account for each customer, add their firewalls respectively, and then share the management out to me as the partner? Not sure the best practice solution. Or do I simply add the firewalls to my own Sophos Central Admin account and leave the customer will only having a MySophos? Also, it looks like the Sophos Central Partner does not allow you to manage the devices like the Sophos Central Admin does. I have an account at both but have not added any firewalls. Thanks for the help and direction!routerlogin

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