How to remove site from Sophos blacklist?


One of my client's website ( listed in Sophos database as Malicious (, please let me know how can we remove website from your list or findout what is causing the problem.


  • Hi  

    Please submit the website URL under "web address (URL)" tab on sample submission website of Sophos. It will take approximately 5 to 6 days to reassess the website and recategorized if it found clean on the reassessment.

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    thanks Jasmin,


    I did it. now after 1 week 

    1. Site is still listed as Malicious

    2. I don't get any notification or update


    What I need to do more to get removed my client's website removed from that list?

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    I'd request you to wait till Monday, even after that if the website is not accessible, you can open a support case asking them to help you on the recategorization of this website.

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    Hi Jasmin,

    Opened Support case, as there wasn't any update on Monday


    Open a Support Case - Secure Web Gateway


    Will see, how long it will take to get at least any information why site still is listed in your database. thanks


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    Please provide the case number which you received for after creating a case. Regarding, why it is blocked, I'll not be able to provide information on that, can just say it has been categorized in the Hacking category.

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    Hello Jasmin,


    Your case number is [#9650963] .


    Here is there response,


    This is regarding the service request number 9650963, which you have opened with us.

    We have created a lab request with our concern team to whitelist the website.

    We will update you once we will get any update from our team.

    In case of any immediate assistance you can also contact us back on our support number and quote the Case ID as a reference so that any available engineer will assist you further on the case.

    Our technical support teams are available 24/7 and can be contacted on your local Technical Support number listed on our website:

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    Sophos Labs have worked on the Lab request and they have recategorized this website as Business and removed it from the malware repository.

    So now anyone with Sophos AV can access that website without any issue.

    Virustotal is still showing it as malicious but there we can't change anything. It may automatically be removed or they'll update it as per their procedure.