Sophos Home upgrade notification

I have been using Sophos (at the recommendation of University of Minnesota IT) for several years on an old Mac mini running OS 10.10.5.  Every time I start my computer now I get the message to upgrade to Sophos Home.  I can't because OS 10.10.5 is not supported.  How do I stop the upgrade message?  (Please don't tell me to buy a new computer and/or a later Mac OS because I'm an elderly technological dinosaur and my current setup works for me, not going to do either until I can't help it.)

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    The Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition is no longer supported by Sophos, as it has reached its end of life. It will no longer receive further updates, and some features may not work on the latest versions of MacOS. Please check this article for more information. In case you have any further concerns you can reach out to our dedicated Sophos Home support team as well.