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WhatsApp Messaging Service spam

We reive a lot of spam with subject: WhatsApp Messaging Service  (see below)


The email is not from WhatsApp. Clicking the "Play" button will open a malicious website that tries to trick users into downloading malware to their device.


We use puremessage , but is does not get filtered.

Under inbound message, block phrase i have made a string "WhatsApp Messaging" for body text en subject.
But this email does not get blocked and my users stille receive this email.


What can i do?


best regards Peter



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You have a new voicemail!


Time of Call: Nov-05 2013 11:05:07
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*If you cannot play, move message to the "Inbox" folder.



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Re: WhatsApp Messaging Service spam

Hello Peter,


I might be dense but ... the WhatsApp Messaging Service string seems to appear in the From: tag and neither the body nor the Subject. But maybe I'm misreading your post.

Apart from this the Gateway board is the better choice for this question. And do not forget that you should submit uncaught spam to Sophos Labs.