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Safeguard management console


I have installed the management centre on a Widows 2008 server, created a policey and pushed it out OK.


Trouble we are having is when another user logs onto the server and launches the management centre it launches the setup wizard.


Does the managment centre only work under one profile? Did I miss a tick box on the install?


I will not be the main administrator of this, Im just installing it.


I thought that they could use the web helpdesk, but that only allows recovery.


I have raised a support case, just wondered what other users experiences of this are.





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Re: Safeguard management console

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Had this from support, thought it may help other users........


What you're seeing is normal behaviour - the
Management Centre needs to run through the wizard if access is required to it
from a different Windows User Profile. This is because each Windows profile
will have an individual Certficate Store installed on to it, which will
securely contain the certificates that the user uses to log on to the
Management Centre. If you'd like a user(s) to be able to log on as themselves
and open the Management Centre, run through the wizard and you'll have access.
You will need to import a certificate into their individual Certificate Store,
so you'll need to create a Security Officer and certificate for the user from
the Management Centre, before you do this. Section 7, page 34, of the SafeGuard Admin Guide explains how to create a SO.

There is also the option of allowing user's access to the SafeGuard Web