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Safeguard Easy with Windows 8

Hello People


I have a laptop running Windows 8 but the BIOS does not support TPM wondered is Safeguard Easy would be a suitable alternative and if so is there a free version available.


Also are there any instructions available for configuring this product in stand alone mode.


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Re: Safeguard Easy with Windows 8

Right now Sophos does not support Windows 8, at least not yet. Windows 8 support won't come along until version 6.1. Now when it does come along, it will be a very strong alternative as Safeguard does not store its keys within the tpm.


In the meantime, there is a workaround using group policy. Within group policy, there is an option to force bitlocker to store your key on a usb key instead of the tpm. What this means is that it will require you to insert the usb key everytime you want to boot the system. Instructions here:


If you're in a corporate network, and you're on a domain, then you can set group policy to store the key in active directory, in which case it will be managed by your system administrator.