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Using Apple Volume Purchase codes

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience using Volume Purchased apps from Apple and then pushing them out via SMC? I understand that when you volume purchase an app from Apple they give you a URL to email (or push) out to users that has the volume purchase code in the URL. All sounds nice and simple.....but so do lots of things until you actually have to do them!

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Re: Using Apple Volume Purchase codes

Hi Docotor-Gerry,


full support of Apple Volume Purchase codes is a new feature in the upcoming version of SMC which will hopefully be released this month. In this version, you have the possibility to upload excel sheets with VPP codes which then are used one after one to deploy the application. In SMC 2.5 the Volume Purchase Program is not supported and you would have to create one package for each link and have to manually deploy it to the devices.


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