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Sophos Problems, both with Installing and unInstalling.

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Hello people of sophos!


I have a problem, just like everyone else yet it is unique. When i downloaded sophos for the first time it was my understanding that everything was moving smoothly. Scans would complete 100% and the computer stayed crisp clean. Now later, things went sideways. Scans would only complete to 2%.

Also sophos would state it had one virus, itself. When ever i clicked on the folder to which the virus was located, it would go straight to the auto update folder.

So seeing that something went wrong i unistalled sophos endpoint, but not the autoupdate. The autoupdate would not unistall using windows removal tool, under control pannel. Error messages would pop up left and right. So i went to the temp folder, wipped all the files and then did a manual removal of sophos auto update. This worked, so i had no sophos anymore but that still did not solver my problem of reinstalling...


Now windows still says i have the autoupdate installed on my computer, even there is no files which i am fine with but when i try and instal sophos once more i recieve a message. saying


'Sophos autoupdate'

' Warning 25010.An error occurred while running the custom action 'NoUpdateInprogress'. Contact your support personnel.'


I have heard of others having the same problem but with unistalling and not installing.


My problem is, i can't get sophos endpoint security and autoupdate installed on my computer correctly.


At the moment, i run windows xp professional version 2002 with service pack 3 and with office2007, with a DUO CPU  2gb ram with all updated drivers. I asume because sophos was taken off and had some issues that i have a handfull of virus's left on my computer to deal with. Also it has been having some problems with win32, i don't know if that has anything to do with this buy ya never know.


P.S. I'm not too computer savy so less complicated help would be much obliged. But having said that, any and ALL help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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Re: Sophos Problems, both with Installing and unInstalling.

Hello Battistibop and welcome to the forum,


can I suggest that you contact support about this one. Please ensure that you have details of all your OSs and Sophos products and versions,


Hope this helps,


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Re: Sophos Problems, both with Installing and unInstalling.

Thank you for replying so quickly Sandy. Turns out i had something wrong with my drivers and i had some rootkits, so i fixed my errors with in win32. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to remove a program from the "Program List" that windows supplies me with. According to windows, autoupdate is still installed even though it is not and i was wondering if there was a way to manually remove a program without using, well,'add or remove programs.'

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Re: Sophos Problems, both with Installing and unInstalling.

Is there an existing install already on the box??

  If so, try uninstalling, reboot, run the remove Sophos utility remsav-all-212.bat , reboot and login as imagexxx. 

We copy the remsav-all-212.bat to the desktop dblclick on it to run it.

The reboot is essential.

 If that does not fix it we have to run the following file to clean out files in the registry settings:

Then run and install the msicuu2.exe  ( this is a powerful tool and must be uninstalled)

go to Start Programs and start Windows Installer Cleanup,  find all the application names associated with Sophos and select Remove.

Power off the computer.

Power on the computer.

Then install the Sophos again.  This usually fixes the install problems

REMEMBER to UNINSTALL the MSICCU2.exe  windows program!