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SafeGuard Encryption vs Encryption in SEC

Hi there,

We are starting to look at encryption for my organization and we already have a license for SafeGuard Encryption and we also have the Sophos Data Security Suite for business.  Can someone explain the differences between these two?  I would prefer to keep all my tasks and applications inside one console (SEC), but when I try to start using FDE I get an error that says 'Either your license does not include encryption or you manage encryption with SafeGuard Enterprise."  

I do have SafeGuard enterprise installed, but not in use yet because as I mentioned before, I would prefer one console instead of two.  Is there a way to combine the two?

I am running SEC



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Re: SafeGuard Encryption vs Encryption in SEC

Hello kaddie,


Sophos Data Security Suite for business

I'm not sure which one that is. Looking at Sophos licenses and what components are included with each I see Business mentioned with SAV and EP (both do not include Encryption) and Data Protection (not Data Security) which does include FDE. If the latter you probably have indicated at install time that you (intend to) use SGE.

FDE in SEC does provide basic disk encryption but does not support any of the additional modules like Data Exchange (for removable storage). Furthermore you have only restricted management options (e.g. no management by user).

Thus if all you need is "disk encryption by computer" then you'd have to make sure FDE is included in your license and drop SGE (your sales rep should be able to assist you). Otherwise you'd have to bite the bullet and give SGE its own management server.