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Memory Usage savservice

Hello, trying to figure out why savservice.exe is using so much of the memory usage in task manager?


thanks in advance

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Re: Memory Usage savservice

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Can I ask how much is so much? :smileyhappy:

E.g. 60MB, 100MB, 200MB?


Is it "working set" or "private working set"?  If I remember XP task manager shows "Working set", Vista+ shows "Private working set" by default I think as it's typically less and looks better I assume.


What version of SAV are you using?

7, 9, 9.5?


Which components do you have enabled, i.e. data control, device control, etc..?


What OS version and SP?


If you monitor the memory usage, working set and private working set with perfmon after restarting the SAVService, does the memory increase overtime?


If the memory spikes at any point can you correlate this with any event on the machine?




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Re: Memory Usage savservice

I'm having the same issue.  Until recently it was using approximately 77,000 K but usually never any CPU.  Now it's consistently running around 110,000 K with 10-30%, with as high as 50% of the CPU.  I've checked and it is up to date with policies/definitions.


Client version 9

SEC version