Are you using the free Mac Antivirus or free Mobile Control for Android app? Before you read on: if you have a question about these products head over to our Sophos FreeTalk community for posts and information.

If you're using any of our UTM products (inc. the free UTM Home Edition and Sophos UTM Essential Firewall) please check out our Sophos User Bulletin Board.

This forum (the SophosTalk community) is the place for any questions or comments about Sophos products and our services (excluding our free Mac AV software, free Android app and the UTM-related products).

On SophosTalk you can search existing posts and use our community knowledge to resolve your query.  If you can't see a solution you can register a free account in minutes and post your own questions to get fast answers from some of our tens of thousands of community members. For an overview, help, and getting started explore the About SophosTalk section.

Remember to also check out the thousands of articles in our Support knowledgebase, our video tutorial channel on YouTube and follow us on Twitter @sophossupport for all the latest support announcements.

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A read-only forum used by Sophos to post messages about products and services, and about the SophosTalk community and its forums system.
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About SophosTalk

A read-only forum used to post messages about the community itself, the forums platform and its features, and the content being posted by users. Look here for rules of engagement, a forums roadmap to document changes, and a community FAQ.
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